The infuriating article is below, horrible! It was sad, hopeless, narrow-minded, arrogant & w/an immature mindset. It’s contradicting, to say the least.

Yes, evolution is a natural progression, & millions of years ago when there was no human life to protect the animal species. Extinction happened predictably because there were no means to stop it. Millions of years later we the human race are living on their earth, this is their home & they were here first. It would be inhumane to let extinction happen w/out human interference, it would be neanderthal-like wouldn’t you say? Put aside the animal race for a second. Our forefathers conserve and protect the land for future generations. We’re here to protect the human race, present & future. We’re here to protect our home. The animal species is our home, again we’re living on their earth. Not protecting the animal species, in other words, is not protecting our home. And it’s our responsibility to protect the environment which is a part of their home. The comprehension of how wrong it is, is mind-blowing.

Think of it this way, if we the human race were here first & this was our earth before the animal race. Would evolution be a natural progression of the extinction of millions of humans wiped out by an asteroid or dozens of insidious diseases, such as AIDS, Malaria, Ebola? We live on a planet with the most exotic beautiful creatures, which is a part of OUR habitat & OUR planet. This article was pure rubbish.