Science is cool, but not very forgiving..

And that is why I love it, find it beyond fascinating…..Science owns & controls us, we don’t own or control science, respectfully. It is a never-ending living entity, we are its subjects & we need to listen to what it’s telling us & document it accordingly & carefully work on correcting it if we see the need w/out disrupting that natural progression of it. It’s dangerous to ignore what it’s telling us or to make up our own finding & form our own opinion of it. It’s dangerous to dismiss it & to disagree with it, again it controls us not the other way around & we need to respect that. Global warming is real, & the slow demise of it on our planet is partly due to humans/humanity, humans are ruining our planet & once we all know that & to respect & work beside it, things could/will change for the better. Taking over & forming our own opinions is disrespectful & wrong. The article in The Hill about the CDC being banned from using the phrases ‘science & evidence-based findings’ from official documents from the current administration…..That is part of the problem with some power hungry political brains in Washington & some scientists, about ignoring/sweeping it under the rug & dismissing science-based facts, taking over & forming their own opinions & findings of global warming, again humans do not control it. Science & science-based findings do not lie (When whichever scientist is documenting it correctly, mind you) & it is very very dangerous for the current administration to ignore these findings, to take control over it & form their own opinion. It’s ignorant & arrogant & will hurt our planet very badly in the long run. Humans always try to take over something & own it when it’s sometimes beyond their scope & control, & they shouldn’t. It is always their first instinct, & when it comes to global warming and some parts of science they’re wrong. Oh, boy do I miss Barack Obama’s administration.

Back to my love & respect for science….OK, with industries like technology & finance, for instance, it is black & white with right & wrong answers & can be taken over & controlled by people. With science it can not, it is not black & white, with right or wrong answers. Again it controls us & we need to respectfully stand beside it, listen & document it precisely & accordingly & work w/it. In science life will always find a way, in science there are endless beyond endless possibilities that can never be controlled (it would be just wrong) & can’t be completely understood by humans, a lot of it is 100% unpredictable & I find great comfort in that, it is the great unknown (not to mention THE GREAT UNKNOWN of our solar system, my bad, can’t believe I almost forgot that). Humans, the planet, the world we live in is about & is science. It’s not to be controlled or ran by humans, it’s only to be respected & worked by & on its side. Btw this piece is not a comparison of science/evolution & religion, I believe both exist in this world. I believe in some sort of otherworldy celestial beings. I hope the next elected US president in 2020 or 2024 to be a scientist or from scientific field very badly! I think it is so important & needed!

I work in the clinical trial medical research field (the lab I work with detects cancer on a molecular level), & those medical researchers got it down. They listen to it, they understand & give it the respect it needs & knows the importance of working beside it & not working over or above it. Btw I just love this quote below, & it has nothing to do w/not getting involved & protecting the human & animal species when the time arises, as we 100% should.

“When we think we have something figured out & 100% completely confident about science, or species close to becoming extinct, life will always find a way. And science will always have another way.”