Don’t do it..

This will be short & very simple & straight to the truth… If Kavanaugh is nominated we’re taking a step backward towards the amazing, exciting & exhilarating progress for women from the ‘Me too’ movement, that some of us have been waiting years & years for real change. We have it & we can taste it! If Brett Kavanaugh is nominated WE’RE saying that power & greed is higher & more important than a woman’s right, than a woman’s shame & embarrassment, & more importantly the amazing change & progress we made (do not sweep all this under the rug)!!

Don’t do it, let’s keep REAL change going. Just think of the guts & bravery of Dr. Christine Ford coming fourth & testifying, of course she is telling the truth, why the hell would she go through all that?! She went through that for her dignity & pride & to tell the f’ing truth! Don’t do it, don’t take a step back & take away our progress, make an example out of Mr. Kavanaugh, sorry guy you’re at the wrong place ( the right place for women) & the wrong time. Take one for the team Mr. Kavanaugh, the women’s team, stay off the bench Brett, us women would really appreciate it.