Systemic racism is a cancer that started from slavery & grew. It needs to be eradicated, & America needs to catch up..

I struggle with promoting the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ or the hashtag on social media (not the organization). It’s a controversial statement to me, it’s a contradiction, like they’re not equal to or do not have the same rights, I feel more comfortable using the organization’s @blklivesmatter handle or the hashtag #racialinequality & #racialinjustice. We desperately need real change & bring awareness to racial inequality, & the BLM movement protests does that. Myself and many, many others have been writing and fighting about racial injustice, police brutality against black men, boys & women, & for real change & equality for years.

When I see and hear about racial injustice, it’s deeply rooted systemic racism that goes back to slavery, the civil rights movement in the Sixties made significant improvement but it did not change the way some people think or their frame of mind. Systemic racisim is a frame of mind. So when a white person is with a POC & they’re confronted with systemic racism, & the way you thought for years (It’s ingrained in some peoples minds for centuries) STOP, clear your thoughts and frame of mind, change your way of thinking, you’re just two people that are equal and are the same race & you don’t know that person. That is my frame of mind, that is my thinking, I grew up in a multicultural & multiethnic environment and grew up thinking we’re all equal & there is one race, the human one. This does not apply to deep rooted hate rasicts that will always have the same frame of mind, ignorance.

Once everyone realizes systemic racism is a frame of mind & a way of thinking they can stop it from happening. There’re good & bad white people, there’re good & bad black people. For instance when a police officer pulls over a black man you can not have the same way of thinking that has been ingrained in some for years or from past bad experiences you had or heard about, you just don’t know that person. Cops need sharp instincts (it’s apart of their job) so use your instincts that you were trained for rather than the color of their skin. The only way to eradicate systemic racism is by the way we think and our frame of mind, and I will never stop writing about this in till it is.