We must change some parts of history for the country, the world and the people, to evolve and to reach true equality..

Statues representing and depicting slavery and racism must come down. Racism hurts, and no one matters in till black lives matter. This/I will not stop in till we reach racial equality. If we make changes for racial equality & fight for these changes & keep up these Confederate statues, it’s contradicting, we need to start from the ground up. If this black lives matter movement dies out (and some people give up, the ones that carry weight and power), then we failed and might as well throw in the towel, give up on this country and give up on people, because they suck. It’s 2020 and some people have been looking at these statues and this ugly part of history since they were alive, it’s soulfully painful. These statues were saying “WE KNOW WHAT THESE STATUES REPRESENT BUT YOU DO NOT MATTER.” the white people that erected them were saying “YOU’RE NOT EQUAL TO US AND WHITE PEOPLE ARE SUPERIOR TO YOU”. People are burning the wrong god damn flag, all the confederate flags that are still out there need to be burned and evaporated and dissolved with the dark part of history. I also think any old movies or minstrel shows depicting blackface should be removed from the archives and never shown again so are country can grow, erease that part of history and move on.

This is one of the first parts of history that has to go for our country to heal & then the real change begins. Covid-19 brought all of us together, and the pandemic was shoved in all our faces no matter what color your skin was, and then the Geroge Floyd incident happened. Some things happen for a reason, this happened for a reason, it was OUR time for a racial justice revolution to begin again, where MLK Jr, Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Nelson Mandela, Marsha P. Johnson, John Lewis and countless others left off. But, it’s a different time now and we have many more resources and growth since their time and we will and can not stop in till visible and real true to the core, deep soulful change and justice has been made. We can do this, we got this. I’m all about peaceful protests and mutual agreement from the states, cities and towns to knock down these ignorant works of hate lawfully. If we’re not all on board the right way then the right change can’t happen.

Real equality can’t happen in the midst of hate. Black and brown people can not feel true and whole justice and equality in till there is social change, change in the police departments, political change, and visual change like statues and hate flags in their communities, especially down South. No one matters & till there is equality & equal justice for black and brown people that were done wrong. I’m not saying that all people do not deserve justice that were done wrong like the indigenous people of the Americas or anyone. The lynching and the disgusting mistreatment of black and brown people have gone long enough to not demand change and equal justice now, it is our biggest fight ever in American history. It’s all around me, it’s in the air, change is coming, the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach won’t go away in till it does.